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Astra Militarum Datacards 2023 (English) - WH40k

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Datacards make it simple to keep track of your rules in the heat of battle. This deck contains quick-reference cards for Stratagems, Regimental Orders, and Psykana psychic powers – ideal for keeping your head in the fight, while wielding the troopers of the Astra Militarum to the greatest effect in defence of the Imperium.

This pack contains 63 datacards, divided as follows:

- 7x Core Stratagem datacards

- 31x Astra Militarum Stratagem datacards

- 6x Regimental Order datacards

- 6x Prefectus Order datacards

- 6x Mechanised Order datacards

- 6x Psykana Discipline psychic power datacards

- 1x Smite psychic power datacard

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