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The One Ring RPG 6D6+D12 Deluxe Dice set (7)

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It’s not easy to find an elf today. Elvish designers and crafters are long gone. Nearly all have sailed away from Grey Haven. The rest went undercover and hid from common folks. The World of Men is too unfriendly for them. Our bestsellers books, modern art, pop music and tv commercials are too ugly for the sophisticated tastes of the Eldars. But sometimes, somebody makes something, that is not the imitation of art but a real masterpiece. The game The One Ring is one of the real treasures in the art of RPGs writings. We have made a set dedicated for this game and made these dice real a piece of art. We have found after a long search one of the best Eldar designers. He has agreed to make a project of wonderful dice set. under the promise that we won’t expose his name and with the support of our designers. This set of six d6 and one special d12 with Eye of the Sauron and the Gandalf rune on opposite faces is truly elven craft. Complex engravings that resemble the best of Middle-earth's patterns decorate beige dice from best material. Q WORKSHOP dice set is far more beautiful and enchanting than the standard, very pretty dice for the One Ring, all thanks to elven design. This is something for real Dicebearers, no some filthy orks or foul goblins.

Be Dicebearer or Loremaster!

It’s heartwarming, that even in Age of Men we can cherish and have the reason to rejoice with elven masterpieces. All Dicebearers, real noble adventurers, that bear the heavy burden of gaming as good characters, not grim miscreant, can sing and hail, because even in darkness there is hope, and even the smallest hobbit can save the world. There were, are and will be many Heroic Tales in Middle-earth, many songs about heroes to sing and many fallen friends will be needed remembering. Don’t be afraid of Shadow, even the mighty Adversary from East. Be Loremaster, be the honest Game Master that uses the beautiful dice and is beautiful in his acts and tales. This dice set is for noble men and women that understand that Third Age has come to end, and greatest battle in all worlds will be started soon when foulness come from Mordor and what is lost will be found in one of the trousers’ pocket of a small hobbit in the Shire. So buy this set and say aloud “My preciousss!”.

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