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Ikadron Batdroids & Imetron - Infinity: Combined Army Pack

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Blister con

  • 1x Fraacta (Boarding Shotgun)

  • Este producto no es un juguete.  No está pensado para ser usado por personas de 14 años o menos.

  • Las miniaturas incluidas en nuestros productos se proveen sin pintar. También puede requerir ensamblado. Los componentes reales pueden variar de los mostrados.


"Is a good soldier made or born? 

For the Ur Civilization, the good soldier isn’t made or born, it is grown. 

Product of the most advanced techno-organic engineering, the Ikadron Batroids are carbon-silicon hybrids cultivated in accelerated growth farms over a pseudo-intelligent monitored substrate. The techno-neuronal hardware structure and behavior models of the Ikadron have been designed in the image and likeness of the Ruaria, companion animals of the Ur since times immemorial and favorite pet of any warrior, hunter or adventurer. The Ruaria are ferocious, brave and loyal until death, making them the ideal model and reference for creating an excellent autonomous slave/operative. So, the Ikadron was the perfect tool for any Ur to feel comfortable and safe working with it, either configured for autonomous remote mode or under direct control via quantronic-neuronal link. 

Designed in the ages before the creation of the EI itself, the Ikadron were a mass production tool to perform dangerous activities in hostile environments; a wide definition including any kind of tasks, from exploration to construction, prospecting or even combat. With minimum modifications in the cultivation phase, an Ikadron could change from a qualified worker to a professional soldier, expert in front line operations or in logistics. In this way, the Ikadron Batroids were the main force of the expansionist waves of the EI in its first campaigns of conquest, when the Ur presence in combat was more frequent. 

"A civilization of such an advanced level as the Ur is characterized by the efficiency of its tools, and the Ikadron were renowned for their effectiveness and reliability, implementing the EI’s strategies with precision and implacable energy, without hesitation, without backing off, as inexorable as the EI which they represented [...]" Fragment extracted from the Forgotten Annals of the T’zechi Digesters. 

The Ikadron Batroids are part of the backbone of the Combined Army forces. Even if the Morat race is primarily responsible for the execution of the military activities of the alien forces, it is also usual to see the presence of an Ikadron contingent in those larger deployments grouping more than one species. The task of the Ikadron is, supposedly, to act as a mobile reserve, but it is evident that they also act as a control element for those species forming part of the deployment. They also act as a deterrent factor for any possible conflict among those races, something that can be very frequent given the rude and xenophobic mentality of Morats."

"Guide to Identification of the Enemy (GIE): Ikadron Batroids”. Extracted from the OPC-1 International Operative Handbook, Paradiso Campaign. Published by the Psi Unit, O-12 Military Intelligence.

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