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Equipe Mirage 5 (AP Rifle + Light GL, 1 Chain Rifle) (OOP) - Infinity: Ariadna Pack

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The Mirage Teams are special units of small size, created originally by the Merovingian Army to perform military operations denoted as “surgical”: fast, very tough and spectacular, in which stealth is not important. The missions of Mirage Teams see a high risk level and elevated casualty count.

Blister con

  • 1x Hardcase Frontiersman (Tactical Bow)

  • Este producto no es un juguete.  No está pensado para ser usado por personas de 14 años o menos.

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“The attacks will strike like lightning, they will arrive like thunder and will finish before anybody can react.” Operational doctrine of the Mirage Teams.

“Comme l’éclair” (Like Lightning) Reduced version of it in its insignia.

The Mirage-5 Team, formed by Berthier and Duroc, is one of the oldest and most successful teams. Lieutenant Margot Berthier is an ex-NCO from the Merovingian airborne troopers, from there passing to the Special Operations Command of the Ariadnan Army’s Military Intelligence. She also lead an airborne shock commando troop in the Ariadna Exemption Zone, heading various extremely successful attacks against Panoceanian forces that tried to advance in the area. However, the commando group lost effective strength from every mission due to the high risk rate. After six months of operations, the only survivors of the commando group were her and another NCO, so the unit was disbanded. Trying to overcome the deaths of her comrades, Margot requested a transfer to the Moblots, the Merovingian heavy infantry. The new environment helped her to calm down and polish her combat skills. When she felt restored, Margot came back to Intelligence. A few missions later, she recovered her Mirage Team status. In Intelligence circles, she is the only operative readmitted to the Mirage Teams after a leave of absence. Berthier has the reputation of being a shrewd, tough and sly officer, and an excellent shot as well. She has a personal and deadly style, characterized by her absolute precision and an almost perverse apparent lack of effort.

In one of her missions she met Duroc, perceived his potential, and recruited him to the Mirage Teams. Since then, they have constituted a tight tactical team, covering their backs mutually. Margot is the brains and the markswoman of the team, while Duroc is the muscles and provides the psychological impact of extreme and sudden violence.